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Mainly Dealing : Car Accessories, Modifications and Restorations of Cars and Jeeps
Sun Enterprises, the leading car accessories dealer and car decors of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India is well known for its quality service and premium products. Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore, are constantly dishing out the most up-to-date car accessories to meet the changing needs of a wide range of customer base. Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore, is your one stop solution for all kinds of car accessories that makes everyone else envy you and your car.


Car Audio System

What a luxury car without the blaring music systems with that deep thumping bass. Come home in the range of car audio systems that makes your car rock. Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore offer the exceptional quality car music systems available in the market. We offer the following accessories to make your journey delightful in the Indian roads and traffic.
Car Audio Sytems includes :

  • Car Stereos
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Woofers/Tweeters

Car Window Tinting

Beat the heat with sun control films. Reduce the heat and cut the glare in your car without making any compromise on the driving conditions with high quality sun control films. Sun Control films provide additional safety and enhance your privacy in the car. Boost the aesthetics of the vehicle with various types and colours of the sun control film from Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore.
At Sun Enterprises, we offer sun control films from the market leading brands of various kinds such as:

  • Non reflective
  • High performance
  • Ice cool
  • Gradation

Car Interiors

What makes your luxury car a true luxury car? It's always the plush interiors that gives the feel of extravaganza.
Sun Enterprises provides the best car interior services in Coimbatore. We provide the following services that make your car interior comfortable and an object of your boasting

  • Seat Cover
  • Upholstery works
  • Leather interiors
  • Floor mats/carpets
  • Seat Cover
  • Upholstery works
  • Leather interiors
  • Floor mats/carpets

Car LCD Installation

Come, step into the next generation of car travel with quality LCD installations. The LCD monitors are now the hot products in the car accessories field. LCD monitors are a great source of entertainment for everyone
The smaller, lighter and thinner LCD monitors allows us to hook up TV, DVD players and even video game consoles like playstation, xbox, etc. Just imagine, to be able to watch your favorite movie while traveling long distance. Your kids can remain busy playing their much-loved video games. You can practically convert your car into a mobile home theater and enjoy just about all the amenities that you normally would in your household.
Sun Enterprises offers the best LCD screens available in the market in all required sizes and types, that makes your journey delightful and entertaining.
Sun Enterprises Coimbatore is also a pioneer in state-of-the-art Reverse camera/LCD systems which makes the driving a lot easier.

Car Painting Works & Custom Graphics

What makes your car distinguished from others at the first look. It's the flashy graphics that makes the style statement and reflects your tastes as well. At Sun Enterprises, we have been designing and creating some of the distinguished, exceptional and long-lasting car graphics designs based on the requirements and tastes of our customers for nearly a decade. Sun Enterprises is expertised in all kinds of car graphics such as body graphics, hood graphics, racing stripe decal kits, windshield visors, letterings & logos, number plate stickering, naming and all kinds of decals & vinyl graphics. Custom graphics are made in the desired size and shape which suits the tastes of the customer. We deal with all kinds of car graphics styles including flames, tribal, dragon, blade series, dragon decals, full side logos, shred or tear decals, stripes, hood decals, vehicle specific decals and full color graphics that are appealing to everyone.

Car Rapid Painting

Sun Enterprises brings you for the first time in Coimbatore:

  • Akzonobel paint
  • Sikkens rapid repairs

The cars will be delivered within 3 hours. You can get your car painted in your free time.
Sikkens is the premium brand of AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading suppliers of paints and services for vehicle repair. Sikkens is a world leader in car refinishing for more than a 100 years. AkzoNobel is the worlds number one coatings manufacturer. We offer the finest products on the market, together with services: a powerful formula for perfect results.

Car Lights & Horns

Breathe life into your car with the flashy lighting systems. Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore offers all kinds of car lighting accessories required for your car. We offer:

  • Bulbs
  • Fog lamps/lights
  • Under Car Lighting

We deal with international lighting system brands such as:

  • Lightforce
  • Hella

Car Imported Bumpers

Bumpers are important in your car's specifications as they are the one that gives protection to your vehicle, to you as the driver and your passengers during collisions. Bumpers are designed to absorb and deliver the momentum when a vehicle meets accidents.
Not just bumpers provide protection to your vehicles; they also help your vehicle get another level of appeal and enhanced looks.
Sun Enterprises Coimbatore, brings you a range of imported bumpers that has both style and substance. Sun Enterprises is the right place for a comprehensive array of high quality front and rear bumpers. We deal with major international brands such as:

  • Hiker

Car Alloy wheels

Alloy Wheels is a must have status symbol for your luxury car. It gives the style and the bling for the exterior look of your car. Alloy wheels not only give style, but has other advantages too.
Alloy wheels are custom made from many metals which makes them lighter and durable with increased strength. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels because of which the "unsprung" mass on the car reduces which in turn makes that car to handle better. Alloy wheel are well balanced and gives that extra edge for your car in terms of looks and style. Alloy wheels like the ordinary wheels do not deform on impact, and the wheels can take bigger impact than their steel counterparts giving you and your loved ones increased protection.
Most of us do not know that Alloy wheels can increase the performance of a car by 10%. This is due to the fact that the power of a car's engine is delivered to the road through the wheels and if the wheel is lighter the amount of force required to move the wheel is less and hence we get relatively better performance. Alloy wheels also increase the mileage, improves handling & braking
Sun Enterprises Coimbatore, offers the coolest collection of alloy wheels from the industry leading international brands. Visit us or contact us to know more about our ever increasing collection of stylish, high performance alloy wheels.

Car Tyres

What makes your journey comfortable in the unrelenting Indian roads. It's the tyres that gives the luxury, style, utility and safety. It is a fact that the tyres are the most responsible item for your cars' handling. They have to withstand the cold, hot, wet, hard, rough, mud, grit and oil covered roads and still last as long as possible.
Choosing new tyres for your car can be a difficult task if you've never done it before. When you're considering which tyres you need to get, you need to consider various factors such as performance, brand, comfort, appearance and safety. You need experts like Sun Enterprises Coimbatore who is in the field for nearly a decade, to select the right tyre for you.
We deal with all kinds of tyres including tubeless tyres from major international brands like Nexen, Hijoin weheels, etc. Come get a grip of the Indian roads right away with the right tyre from Sun Enterprises Coimbatore.

Car Tyre Protector

Tyre Protector will :-

  • Permanently protect tyres against punctures and blow outs (guaranteed)
  • Extend the life of tyres
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs

Car Central Locking System

Security has become an important consideration for any product in todays' world. Your car needs the most up-to-date reliable security systems for protection against theft and damage.
Sun Enterprises Coimbatore, has pioneered the state of the art security systems. We provide car security solutions including:

  • PCentral Locking System
  • Remote locking
  • Alarm system
  • Motion sensors and impact sensors

Car Wheel Balancing & Aligning

Do you experience vibration in the steering wheel, seat or floorboard at certain highway speeds? Or does your car tyres wear rapidly or unevenly, drifting away from a straight line? If yes, it's time for aligning and balancing your wheel.
Wheel Balancing allows the tires and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This is accomplished by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel-tire combination and compensating for it by placing a measured lead weight on the opposite site of the wheel from where the heavy spot is.
Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is maximum tire life and a vehicle that tracks straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.
Sun Enterprises, Coimbatore provides state-of-the-art wheel balancing and wheel alignment services thereby making your journey pleasant and giving long-life for your car tyres at the same time.

Car Body Kits

Body kits composing of front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, front & rear side guards and roof scoops, give that bling to your car. The well chosen body kits make your car the object of your pride and others' envy.
Body kits do the body more than good - it’s a total transformation. Sleek, mind-blowing designs and a slick look that’s simply must-have for your luxury car. Body kits give your ride that extra edge in bragging rights.
At Sun Enterprises, we have a huge selection of car body kits for almost every make and model of car. From front bumpers, rear bumpers and side skirts to full body kits - we have it all for your car. We bring you a wide range of body kits from major international brands right at your door step in Coimbatore.

Car Silencers

Racing Silencers gives you that bling and meanness to your car that makes everyone in the road look at you and your car with envy everytime it passes by. Silencers are not only for style, but also directs exhaust fumes away from passengers, improves the performance of the engine and improves fuel consumption as well.
Silencers and tail pipes can give your car that extra edge in style quotient that makes eyes of the others to pop out.
Sun Enterprises deal with premium quality car silencers and allied products such as:

  • Racing Silencers
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Mufflers
  • Tailpipes
  • Dual exhaust, etc.

Car Show Beedings

Improve the aesthetics and look of your car with the show beedings from Sun Enterprises.

Car Other Accessories

Sun Enterprises Coimbatore, is renowned for it's various kinds of car accessories and services that makes your car stand stand out from others. Here are some of our various car accessories and services that has made a lot of our customers happy.

  • Power window
  • Under chase coating
  • Steering covers
  • Wheel caps
  • Beads
  • Spark plugs
  • Crash guards

Products are dealing by us

  • Sun Film
  • Foot Patti
  • Door Guard
  • Sun Visor
  • Roof Rail
  • Side Beeding Bumper/Door
  • Full Mat
  • Cut Mat
  • Number Plate
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side Foot Step
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Luggage Carrier
  • Seat Cover
  • Steering Cover
  • Car Stereo
  • Front Speaker
  • Rear Speaker
  • Tweeter
  • Arial
  • Speaker pad/box
  • Speaker ring
  • Wiring Hardness
  • LCD Monitor
  • Fixing
  • Halogen Kit
  • Horn Kit
  • Reverse Camera/ Sensor
  • Central Locking
  • Power Window2 Door/4Door
  • Teflon Coating
  • Alloy Wheel
  • Fog Lamps
  • Mud Flap
  • Wheel Cups
  • Body Cover
  • All Types of body kits
  • Jeep Alteration
  • Executive Lounge
  • Moto Homes
  • Amp
  • Sub Woofer
  • Customize Woofer Box
  • Head Light Doom Led
  • Tail Lamp Led
  • Extra Lights
  • Air Filter
  • Tuning Box
  • Suspension
  • Navigation
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Projector Doom
  • Led Lights
  • Under Chase Lights
  • Fiber Mould
Products Brands
  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • Sony
  • Alpine
  • JVC
  • JBL
  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • Boston
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Cerwin Vega
  • Morel
  • Alpine
  • JBL
  • Cerwin Vega
  • Boston
  • Kenwood
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Alpine
  • JBL
  • Kenwood
  • Pioneer
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Alpine
  • 3M
  • V Kool
  • LLumar
LCD Monitors
  • Map My India
  • Voyager
  • World Tech
  • S Drive
  • Geesonic
  • Alpine
  • Philips
  • Hella
  • Osram
Fog Lights
  • Hella
  • Wesem
  • Light Force
  • C Track
  • Classique
  • Hiker
Alloy Wheels
  • Sparco
  • OZ
  • Lenso
  • AVA
  • Evo Gtr
  • Onyx
  • Momo
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Pirelli
  • Falken
  • Tom Tom
  • Map My India
  • Garmin
Red Rooster Performance
  • Spider Tuning Box
  • Bmc Air Filter
  • Teen Suspension
  • RRP Exhaust Syste
  • Power Drive
  • Turbo Drive
  • Hyper Drive
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